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They say Education is not cheap but at Humanists In Northern Uganda, a non-profit organization, we say "Acquiring knowledge should not be paid for" That is why at Ongako Secular Pre & Primary School we have managed to give our learners the minimum school fee charges compared to both government and private schools. Our fee structure is USD10 for Preschool learners and USD12 for Primary learners. We are charging them this little not only because of our philosophy on education but also because parents in this part of the country don't value education so with high charges the children will not have the opportunity to study.

This money collected goes into paying staff, 5 Preschool teachers, 2 Primary teachers, and 2 support staff.

We have an enrollment of 23 in preschool this second school term. And 12 in primary for the same term. At the end of the term, not all of the learners manage to pay their tuition. Some drop out once school starts to request the learners to complete their tuition.


While our intention is to offer affordable basic formal learning to these children, we also wish to give them a safe and clean learning environment. The above is our current two-door Pit latrine shared by the learners and staff. In their shoes, let's put ourselves, would you be okay with your child entering a Pit latrine that seems unsafe for their life and hygiene? I don't think the answer is a Yes but a Big NO.

We also intend to add two Classrooms to accommodate Primary Primary 3 and Primary 4 next year.  This will mean learners who finish their primary 2 won't have to go to other schools. These two classrooms will be able to accommodate 100 learners.

Together, I know YOU can give our learners a safe learning environment by donating whatever you can to allow us to build an 8 Door Pit Latrine that will then provide both safety and good hygiene to the learners and staff. Two Doors will accommodate staff and the other 6 will be strictly for the learners.


We wish to raise USD 17,714


It is absurd that when we fail to raise USD 17,714 and improve on the Pit Latrine, Ministry of Education officials under the Omoro Education Office will close down the school because of poor hygiene and failure to provide health safety to both learners and staff. Add additional two classrooms to further improve the quality of education.

I know together we can!!

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DFCU Towers, Plot 26 Kyadondo Road, Nakasero, P.O.Box 70 Kampala.

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Gary McLelland CEO Humanists International

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